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We choose to foster learning environments that promote the success of the optometric industry and profession. We hope you find the information made available through the following Chu Vision Institute supported seminars and events worthwhile.

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Easy access to forms: Request for Consultation, Pre-Operative Cataract Summary, Pre-Operative Refractive Summary, Patient Post-Operative/Follow-Up Report, Corneal Consultation, Routine Eye Exam, Yag evaluation and Dry Eye Consultation.

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Our goal is to help innovate and investigate new technologies to help bring them to the market. To help achieve this, Chu Vision Institute is continuously involved in new and exciting research projects. Please see listing for possible clinical trial participation.

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Our goal is to provide you with updates on what is happening at Chu Vision, upcoming events, and other relevant information that will hopefully be beneficial to your practice.

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You are an integral part of our practice. We look forward to serving you and your patients. If we can be of additional service, please contact us at 952.835.1235.

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Concierge Line: 866.951.RVIP (7847)
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Clinical Research Department:  nic.jacobs@chuvision.com or 952.835.1235
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