5 Steps to Make Your New Year's Resolution a Reality

Posted: Jan 08, 2019
Better Vision

Sometimes we make it through the month with our resolutions, and some of us don’t even make it through the next day. If you have been putting off your resolution of improved vision, here are some perfect next steps to take to ensure you don’t spend another year with the restrictions of bad vision!


Look Beyond LASIK: Vision Correction for Your Unique Eyes

Posted: Dec 14, 2018

Maybe you have been relying on glasses or contacts for years, or maybe your vision is just recently changing, and you find yourself reaching more and more for your reading glasses. When you think of getting out of your glasses, you likely think of LASIK. While LASIK is a great option and has helped millions of people get out of glasses, there might be better options for you, your lifestyle and your unique eyes.


How One Skier Changed the Outcome of the 2017 Special Olympic World Winter Games

Posted: Dec 07, 2018

Meghan flies down the ski hills every winter as a Special Olympic skier. In 2017 she made a decision that impacted the outcome of her performance in the Special Olympic World Winter Games in Austria.


Three Reasons to Give the Gift of Sight this Season

Posted: Nov 28, 2018

The holiday season is upon us and while we are filled with joy and love, we are also entering one of the most stressful times of the year. With all of the decorating, cooking and shopping the holidays can be a very busy time. On top of your busy schedule, you are also trying to come up with perfect gift ideas for your loved ones. Stop the stress and take the guesswork out of your holiday gift giving this year by giving someone you love the gift of sight!


Tune into the Chu Vision Podcast

Posted: Nov 12, 2018
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We are introducing a new podcast – Ask Dr. Chu. This monthly podcast features Dr. Ralph Chu himself answering all of your frequently asked questions! Have a question for Dr. Chu? Just send an email to ask@chuvision.com to have your question answered on the podcast.