LASIK Experience: Carolyn's Perspective

Posted: Jul 26, 2018

We love to hear what our patients have to say about their experiences with us and their procedures here through reviews, video testimonials and interviews! Today we got to speak with Carolyn, a Chu Vision Institute patient who had LASIK in 2016. She had some really great insight into how impactful LASIK can be.

CVI: What made you decide to have LASIK?

Carolyn: I had been thinking about having LASIK for a long time. The deciding factor for me came because I really love to travel. Bringing contacts and glasses on my trips was a hassle and I would easily forget to pack enough contact lenses, leave my solution at home, or forget my glasses!

Ultimately, I had a couple of bad experiences in the ocean while wearing my contacts. They kept falling out and getting lost! Flying was a huge pain too because my eyes would get extremely dry with my contacts in. I just wanted traveling to be easier and more enjoyable, so I decided to try LASIK!

CVI: Did you experience any “aha” moments after LASIK?

Carolyn: My first aha moment was when I was sitting on my couch and watching TV. I realized I could see the TV clearly and I wasn’t wearing contacts or glasses, it was crazy! For a few months after my procedure I would wake up and reach for my glasses or start walking to the bathroom to put my contacts in and then be surprised again when I realized I didn’t have to!

CVI: How has LASIK improved your life?

Carolyn: My life has been improved with just overall efficiency and ease of doing things. An everyday hassle has been eliminated. You don’t think about it much while you have contacts, it’s just something you do (waking up and putting them in), but it makes a huge difference when you no longer have to take those extra steps.

Also, like I said, travel is really important to me. Traveling has become so much easier, just as I had hoped it would. I love being unrestricted by my contacts and glasses. Now I can wear any sunglasses I want, which has been really fun!

Carolyn Sunglasses

CVI: What was your favorite part about having LASIK at Chu Vision Institute?

Carolyn: The staff! Everyone made me feel very comfortable, they were friendly and answered all of my questions. The care at Chu Vision Institute felt very individual to me and I didn’t feel like just a number. The day of my procedure, I felt like it was my day which made me feel really special.

CVI: Do you have any words of advice for patients considering LASIK?

Carolyn: LASIK really changed my life, so I tell everyone to just find out if you are a candidate! I think it is important to consider the financial aspect in terms of what you already spend on contacts and glasses. The cost adds up so fast with solutions, new glasses, prescription sunglasses and contacts. It isn’t a financial burden when you put it into perspective.

Interviewing Carolyn about her LASIK procedure was really exciting. Her face lit up when she spoke about how LASIK has changed her life and made her passion for traveling so much more enjoyable! To take Carolyn’s advice and find out if you are a candidate, schedule your free LASIK exam here.