Make the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation with LASIK

Posted: Jul 13, 2018

You have looked forward to your summer vacation all year long, visiting your family cabin, going camping or watching your friend walk down the aisle at her destination wedding. With summer heating up, now is a great time to consider LASIK so your eyes are ready for all of the fun your summer vacation has to offer.  

Stay safe during your vacation.

LASIK can improve your safety while on vacation. Did you know your contacts can get contaminated by lake water leading to possible eye infections?

Instead of having to take your contacts out to go for a swim, or wearing your glasses in the water, jump right off the boat and into the lake without worry.

Experience the freedom of vacation.

Vacation already feels free, but imagine how much more freedom you could have with improved vision. No need to worry about if you packed enough contact lenses or solution, or if you brought along your backup pair of glasses you have had for ten years.

You can hit the open road at a moment’s notice, no contacts or glasses to hold you back. No prescription sunglasses? No problem!

Be bold on your vacation.

LASIK can help give you the confidence you need to try new things while on vacation. Have you always wanted to try white water rafting? With LASIK, you won’t need to worry about your glasses falling off and breaking during your rafting trip, and you can wear a helmet without your glasses getting in the way.

Maybe you have always wanted to try rock climbing. LASIK can help you see your next step clearly and safely, so you get the most out of your new experience.

Timing is everything.

LASIK can offer you some awesome benefits for your summer vacation, and scheduling your LASIK procedure for at least 2 weeks before your vacation will give your eyes the time they need to heal.

Schedule your free LASIK evaluation at Chu Vision Institute today, so you can enjoy every minute of your new vision on your vacation. Click here to schedule your evaluation.